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Neuroscience Seminars

Fall 2022

NRSC 287

Tuesday 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM
Genomics Building | Room 1102A

September 27


October 4

"Using Drosophila and mice to understand mechanisms of Down syndrome: the case of Down Syndrome Cell Adhesion Molecule"

Bing Ye, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Host: Sika Zheng


October 11

Title: TBD 

Anne Churchland, UC Los Angeles

Host: Eddie Zagha

October 18

“Neural mechanisms of naturalistic decision making in rats.”

Andrew Wikenheiser, UC Los Angeles

host: Natalie Zlebnik

October 25

“Glial and immune contributions to sensory axon regeneration”

Valeria Cavalli, Washington University

host: Sika Zheng



November 1

Title: TBD

Jamie Maguire, Tufts University

host: Viji Santhakumar

November 8

Title: TBD

Maithe Arruda-Carvalho, University of Toronto, Scarborough

host: Jun-Hyeong Cho


November 15

Society for Neuroscience

November 22

“Molecular mechanisms and therapeutic strategies for Munc18-1/STXBP1 encephalopathies”

Jacqueline Burre, Weill Cornell Medicine

host: Garret Anderson


November 29

Title: TBD

Gyorgy Lur, UC Irvine

host: Anubhuti Goel

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